Nick Sheptak is an award-winning copywriter with nearly ten years of experience working in entertainment marketing in Los Angeles, California.

During his time in Los Angeles, Nick worked on everything from the biggest blockbuster films in the world to independent films, broadcast / streaming shows and video games.

He wrote copy such as narration and taglines as well as concepts, scripts, sizzle reels, songs and even a speech for a studio executive to give to investors.

In 2018, Nick left Los Angeles behind and followed his heart back to his favorite city in the world; Chicago. Since then he has traveled the world and written a book that he self-published.

In April of 2019 a sudden and unexpected event put Nick in a position where a return to LA was necessary to help a family member.

As a result of this move, starting in May, he will be both eager and available for copywriting work in Los Angeles.

There is no challenge he is unable to take on. If it involves writing, he can do it.

On this website you will find a sample of what he has worked on in his career. Highlights and favorites mostly. This is not everything he has done.